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If you would like to write a review or post comments about our time spent together, then please do so here……or scroll down the page to read what some of my friends have already written about me. I also have some external reviews which can be found from these links: Punternet Reviews and Punterlink Reviews.
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  1. I took the opportunity to spend a night with Ve on a passing visit to Manchester a while ago. I promised to write something for her, something I wouldn’t normally do but she is very much the real deal, so I am making an exception.

    The night started with a hiccup. Finding the right hotel took a while, but it wasn’t either of us at fault. Just one of those things and it actually acted as an ice-breaker for us. When we finally got together Ve looked amazing – just like her photos – and her charming personality worked to melt away any nerves I felt immediately.

    As we had the whole night there was no rush, so we got comfortable and cracked open a bottle of red (carefully chosen, of course) and talked. Got to know each other a bit and started to build a rapport. Ve is a great talker and also a great listener, and it wasn’t long before it felt like I was with a really hot friend. Thoughts of ‘escort’ dashed to the winds.

    Obviously the night progressed and I won’t go into detail (keeping those in my head thanks!), but I can say that Ve is a wonderful lover. We kept things relatively simple, no rough or exotic stuff as that’s not what I wanted. Ve made herself look incredibly sexy – massive turn on – and was as enthusiastic as I was. You can tell when someone isn’t really up for it, and I never got that feeling with Ve. She genuinely enjoyed it as much as I did (also a massive turn on!).

    Ve is so easy to talk to and so charming we ended up chatting quite happily for a long time afterwards before finally getting some sleep. It really was like being with a great friend. Looking back, I would say any time we lost with the initial hiccup was more than made up for by this point.

    In the morning things carried on as you would expect. Again, Ve is very genuine. There was no talk about the time and needing to leave. We took our time getting up, decided to forgo breakfast in the hotel for a round of “breakfast in bed” and in the end what brought our time to a close was my need to catch a train. Ve very kindly offered to take me to the station, which aside from being a very nice gesture also meant we had a bit more time together.

    My time with Ve was amazing. She’s genuine, charming and exactly like her photos – smoking hot. She made me feel like I was with a friend and very honestly has been the best escort I have seen. If you are genuine and treat her with respect, you’ll find yourself having an incredible time.

  2. life was becoming a bit difficult, with sadness, stress and a sense of void and anxiety. A trip to the UK was on the horizen and through some curious and thorough hours of investigation online (and yes with a bit of horniness as well!) I decided to make the leap and contact an escort.
    However, my desire was not to have a mindless, misogynistic, sweat hog experience so crudely described on many sites. Something more fulfilling was in order and by luck and pluck I found the magnificent Ve..
    From our very first communications, it was strikingly clear that I was going to be with a special woman. She was witty, kind, clever and whip smart…my kind of woman. Her physical beauty can only be described as smooth, classical and primally sexy. Yes she is incredibly gorgeous and sizzling hot!!!:-b

    Ve is like a magnificant landscape with indescribable beauty, complexity and depth that has as many layers as the four seasons give to a dreamy meadow.

    When we met, I was spellbound. She did not have to “put me at ease” . Her personality is so genuine everything just flowed….as if we were friends forever. We spent a glorious week together, exploring London and the countryside. With Ve’s genius mind, we had endless easy and witty discussions, as well as simple chats about life, the world, politics, you name it. Wonderful and varied meals amd sexy repartee! She is a very spirited and a downright funny woman as well. A sense of humour is so sexy!

    We had such easy, warm, passionate and intense “private” times together. Simply mindblowing! :-)) Believe me when I say I have had many lovers over the years and wonderful carnal experiences with a lot of gorgeous and fantastic women and I was stunned at the levels to which this intensely sexy and enthusiastic lover took me. Ve is simply without peer.
    Part of me did not want to share this review as my selfish nature wants this woman as often as possible and, as such, who would want to tip the world off?!
    However, a woman with the kindness, and talents of Ve deserves to recognized for the true gift to men and woman alike that she is.
    So, you ask askew….there must be something wrong with this wonderful friend and steamy love godess? Yes…you are correct, I cannot be with her every day!
    To my most Darling Ve, I hope to see you soon 🙂

    With love, MrBig

  3. Hello Ve

    Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed my time with Amelia and yourself, when we met recently.

    It was a truly memorable evening. A superb meal, very stimulating conversation, followed by an erotic, sensory
    submersion with two stunning ladies.

    Although this was our first meeting it felt like we had been friends and lovers for a lifetime.

    Thank you so much – let’s do it again soon!

  4. I have known Veronique for a while now and we see each other very regularly. I do not need to describe her physically,have a look at her gallery and you will be bowled over,there are plenty of photos one can look at ,and believe me,in the flesh she is even better. She is always very elegant,when you meet her,beautifully groomed and with a smile that could disarm an army.
    She is witty,fun to be with,intelligent,I could go on forever adding to her qualities and yes she is very very sexy,wait to see her underwea!
    If one really wants to enjoy her company it is not worth considering a couple of hours,treat yourself to an overnight minimum and you will not regret it.
    She is the perfect companion for dinner,business functions,holidays home and abroad.
    Take care Veronique and see you as soon as I can. Happy Chrostmas

  5. Dear David

    The reason why I love my chosen ‘life-style’ as a courtesan is for men like yourself. Men who are kind and genuine and who love and respect women! Thank you for it! You make a girl feel very very special and I will be eternally grateful for it!

    Ps. You hit the nail on the spot… I am naughty – naughty but nice! ;o))

    All my love,

    Ve xx

  6. From the very first moment that the wonderful Veronique walked into my hotel room and my life, I had an instant rapport with her. I was immediately mesmerised by her tantalizing voice and amazing beauty. I felt very comfortable and at ease in her company, and it was just as if we had been friends for many years.

    Since that time, incredibly only six months ago, Ve and I have shared many magical times together, and have enjoyed some excellent adventures. I am totally addicted, and within minutes of our saying au revoir at the end of each date, I am planning our next assignation. Now I am immensely proud to consider Ve to be my very good friend, lover and confidente.

    Ve is the perfect courtesan. She really does enjoy her chosen profession yet treats it very seriously. Always immaculately dressed and coiffured, (and with a breathtaking selection of lingerie!), she is perfectly at home in any social or more formal situation. Endless hours are spent in the gym to maintain her truly magnificent figure and to ensure that she always looks perfect for you, her current date. You can be assured that during the time that she is with you, you will have her entire attention, to be pampered and spoiled and treated in a manner that only Ve knows how, which will leave you feeling ‘on top of the world’.

    She is very beautiful, highly intelligent, well read, witty, fun, perceptive, charming, considerate, warm, tender, kind, generous, sensual, erotic, passionate and … downright naughty!

    Ve, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all the wonderful times that we have shared in the past and I look forward to having many, many more adventures with you in the future!

    All my love

  7. Dearest Theodan of Rohan I wish it was so easy to make the world a better place! If I had the ability I would certainly try! But one tiny little thing that we all can do – be it on the way to work or shopping – stop for a second, breath through, open your eyes and look around yourself. As Mother Theresa once said, “We can do no great things but we can do little things with love.”

    So be good dear friends! Forever yours, Ve xx

  8. I was planning to leave a very very bad report on here to discourage others and keep Ms Courtesan to myself but in the end my conscious would not allow it.

    She is such a pleasure to spend time with. We met for a dinner date and although I was very nervous she quickly put me at ease and before I knew it we were in deep conversation about a myriad of topics. Its safe to say that by the end of the meal we had sorted out the world so it is now a better place – all thanks to Ve.

    Then it was time to leave the restaurant and head into private time. Immediately the nerves returned but once again in a matter of seconds i was put at ease and made to feel very important and comfortable. Ve is such a wonderful person to spend time with, beautiful (I can verify the photos are 90% accurate, she is actually better in real life!), intelligent, charming and above all friendly and welcoming.

    I may not use these services often but that may have to change now that I have met Ve.

    Thank you for a wonderful evening of companionship.


  9. He he, you make me laugh! A “Warning highly addictive sign” is genius! ;o) Love it! Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me! Ve xx

  10. I just wanted to say that I had the pleasure of Veronique’s wonderful and enjoyable company recently and had a fantastic and most memorable time. She is sophistication and class on legs and that is just outside the bedroom!! In the bedroom she is everything any red blooded man could want or desire. She was entirely focused on making me happy, ensuring I had a great time. I would say that Veronique offers an absolutely stunning and fantastic service and it is so reassuring that it is possible to meet a woman of this quality, intelligence and beauty. If you are lucky enough to meet her as I was, I promise you, the memories themselves leave you just wanting more. I personally think her website should have a Warning Highly Addictive Sign – because that is what she is. But you know what she is sensible and down to earth – she would make sure you/we/me metered out such an exquisite pleasure. She has beauty, brains, presence, the entire and total package. For me it was a pleasure, a privilege and a wonderful experience I intend to repeat soon. Thank you my dear. Until next time. M xx

  11. Pete you are a treasure! Thank you for everything and in particular for making me feel special! Kisses and hugs to you my lovely friend! Ve xx

  12. What can I say? I have missed seeing this wonderful young lady, she is so very special. Sadly my computer crashed and I lost my contact details but I look forward to restablishing this missing link. As I said, Veroinique is a very special lady, I mean that in every sense of the word, and I can only hope that I can soon enjoy the pleasure of her company once again in the not too distant future. Thank you Veronique for the past and I raise a glass to you and the future.

    With special affection, Pete xxxx

  13. What can I say about Ve that hasn’t already been said? Probably nothing new, but I would like to say that she is a very special person. I love talking to her. She is warm, funny, charming and kind. A beautiful person on the inside as well as out. And so incredibly sexy. What a wonderful combination. And that is the word that sums up my view of Ve – wonderful. Anyone that meets Ve and can call themselves her friend is very lucky.
    So Ve, I can’t wait until we meet again, David xxx

  14. Once again I have had the pleasure of spending some real quality time with Veronique and managed to invite her to my home as I was so impressed with this really goegeous and friendly lady. She fits in so well with any social setting and I was extreemly happy to be in her wonderful company in my own local environment. Ve is a real credit to her chosen proffession and seems to give so much more of herself than you would normally expect in the circumstances. I am proud to call her a friend and am already looking forward to seeing and being with her again. Look after her gentlemen she is a real treasure and is fully deserving of your courtesy and respect. Thank you sweetheart, until the next time, hopfully soon. With love, Pete XXX

  15. What can I say but Wow!
    Veronique is a very special Lady indeed, she makes you feel special and at ease with one look of those deep beautiful eyes. She is outstanding in every possible way and you feel privileged to have her as a friend. Now I have met Ve, I look forward to the next time and the time after that…
    Der jenige sein würde, aber ein Traum, ein Freund nicht zu verlieren, aber zu schätzen, immer sein.
    Your Romeo… x

  16. I first met Veronique when I was a bit low as my late wife was suffering from dementia, and had been for some years. This remarkable lady not only empathised as if we were life long friends or family but lifted my spirits with her intelligent, friendly, knowlegable and witty conversation. In addition, when things became more intimate she physically brought me to heights of passion I had forgotten existed.
    I think she sells herself a bit short, when we met she was completing her studies and since then has achieved a good honours degree in her chosen subject. It would be no surprise to find her working on a doctorate one day. I have had the honour of meeting her again and I really do mean honour. I can only hope that it is not too long before I have the pleasure of her company once more. Lucky indeed is the man who is in her company whether out and about or in a more private setting.
    Thank you Veronique you have become very special to me and I hope the next time we meet is not too far away. If only I lived closer. Look after her well gentlemen and your efforts will be rewarded many times over.
    Peter XXX

  17. I would like to say a few kind words about Veronique.
    Veronique is a truly unique, young lady! She has stunning looks and a body to die for but the best thing about her is her warm personality and a positive attitude towards life! She will make you feel like the most special man in the world, and that in every aspect. She is not only the most seductive lady I have ever met but also a highly intelligent young woman. If you wish to meet not just another escort but a professional girl-friend that will bring your temperature to boil and make you smile for days, then you have to meet Veronique! But believe an old man, if you meet her once, you would want to do it again and again…
    My dear Ve I would like to wish you only the best for the future! I really hope that you meet your Mr. Right one day my lovely darling (shame I am not a few years younger!)! Ps. I am counting the days until we meet again!
    MJ xx

  18. My dear friend!
    Since the day we met, you became a very special person in my life! And Ve I would like to thank you for all those truly memorable moments! I hope there will be more to come!
    Ps. I love the pics that you added to your blog! Waiting for more!
    Dan x

  19. I have only met this stunning young lady twice in person but feel as if we have been lifelong friends. I sincerely hope I will meet her again, often, in the future and would like to invite her to my home some time soon. Veronique is totally gorgeous in every possible way and makes you feel as if you were the most important person in the world. In fact for the time you are with her I believe that you really are.
    She is smart, beautiful, inteligent, well spoken and an excellent conversationalist who would be an absolute asset in any corporate, social or private environment. One final word. Treat this lady with all due respect, she earns and deserves it.

  20. I would like to say a few kind words about Veronika. I met her just over a year ago and I have been a client client since then. She is very classy and knows how to please and make your day special. I have had the pleasure of being in her company on many occasions business events, travelling abroad and as well as meeting casually when I need someone to make my day. She is a wonderful person inside and out and would highly recommend her company for any occasion you may want.
    Thanks see you soon