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Blurred lines – The new battles of the sexes

Dear friends

I have come across this interesting documentary about the battle of sexes and how media and language are used to promote the way we think about the female gender

Are women seen as sexual objects, where things can be done to, be it with consent or without, against payment or without payment? And has media pushed men to use new and angry ways of sexism?

In my opinion, media is purely the channel for promoting our emotions but language and graphics are the factors that actually create those emotions.

The language grows and expands every day but not necessarily into a positive. When in the past, in the old days in Venice, the girls who sold sex for money were called courtesans, who were admired by the most rich and powerful men, now the same girls are called hookers, whores, prostitutes and slappers and are often approached by the lowest part of our society. So the question is, has the attitude towards workings girls in form of language changed or have the girls changed all together with the language.

If you look online now, you see all those girls who advertise themselves in a degrading way and offer sexual services such as bareback, rimming, deep throat, gagging, facials and more. I am just asking myself, do those girls do it because of the demand or because they actually enjoy it. Certainly if a man wants a woman to lick his arsehole then it is either a sign of huge disrespect towards that woman, an excessive overuse of pornography or the lack of education. Ejaculating over a woman’s face – really? When you read and see all of that you ask yourself where the genuine gentleman is gone who loves and adores women, who values the company of a beautiful woman and who he can passionately make love to.

The common misconception of sex starts at a very young age with education. By watching porn young people are trying to educate themselves on how to perform in the bedroom. Unfortunately porn is made by men for men and it is not designed to please the female desire but purely the desire of men. The man in such case is the dominant who treats a female like a sex object that things can be done to. “Roughly gagging hot young slut” are phrases that are common to see in the porn scene. This makes me sad because I am a great believer of genuine and passionate old school love making. A man who pays for sex, in my opinion, should treat that woman in the bedroom as if she was his girl-friend, with respect and care. I am always surprised by the amount of men who want to do anal sex. Has actually anyone from those men tried to stick anything up their own bottom or not even that far, has anyone from those men ever been to a colonoscopy or prostate check up? Well if yes, and if it was uncomfortable, then multiply it by ten and you will know how it must feel for a woman to receive anal sex.

An additional media that expresses violence and harassment against women are computer games, which are popular amongst the young people. One of the best sold and most popular computer games of our times is the Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately it expresses extremest violence and hate against woman and in particular sex workers. Is this really what turns men on, buying prostitutes and after receiving your sexual service hurting them or even killing them? So how can such a hugely popular game have a dismissive representation of women? For some this is just fun and a game but most people don’t realise that this is the cruel reality for lost of street prostitutes. They are physically and verbally abused by punters and sometimes those even try to kill them, simply to get their money back.

Has this hateful attitude towards women always been there or was it rather pushed by the media and the new ways of language and the female exposure?

I am a great believe that manners cost nothing and that if a man would treat a whore like a lady she will treat the man like a king in return. I do not like to see myself as a second class woman because I sell sex. No exactly the opposite! I am highly educated, sophisticated, well spoken and that not only in English, I am beautiful and I can seduce a man or woman without even taking my clothes off. I do not hide my face like many others because I stand up tall for what I do. I provide pleasure and happiness and yes I make many men smile who long forgot how it feels like to be happy. It upsets me that hate language such a hooker, prostitute or whore is uses against women like me. For the future I wish a better education and in particular sexual education for our children, so that they don’t forget how important it is to love and respect the other sex, disregards if you are paying for it or not.

If you have a little bit of spare time then watch this fascinating documentary by BBC about the battle of sexes and when sexism crosses the fine line and turns into misogyny.

“Blurred lines the new battle of sexes by BBC”

Enjoy and be good my dear friends!
Discreetly yours,

Ve xx

"A hundred orgasms a day" – A BBC documentary by your Independent London Escort

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome – Sounds like fun, well its not….

My dear friends

I have come across this very unique documentary. It is telling the stories of a few very extraordinary women with a rather rare disease.

To most people an orgasm is the most pleasurable experience in their life. The arousal that leads to the orgasm can be intense, magnificent and absolutely overwhelming, especially when you climax. But what if you are aroused non-stop?

Watch the stories of those very few women who suffer the never ending arousal and find out how it affects their lifes.

Here is the link to the movie clip.

Enjoy, have lots of sex (with me of course) and even more orgasms! ;o)

Discreetly yours,

Ve xx

The Russian Mafia – A documentary by the History Channel

My dear friends

I have come across a documentary online, which is about the Russian mafia. It reveals some interisting facts about the history of Russian criminality. However, I must add that the documentary was produced by an American team and on several occasions you will notice an ‘undertone’ that points out the international relations between those two countries. But absolutely worth watching!

To watch the video just click on the link below:

Russian Mafia – A documetary

Enjoy my dear friends and be good!


Veronique x

And when the rabbits cry…

The terrific truth about the Angora rabbit farms in China
by Veronique MsCourtesan – your Independent High Class Courtesan


My dear friends

An ice cold shower ran down my spine when I watched this short video published by PETA. It showed how the Angora rabbit hair is harvested on Chinese farms. I never heard rabbits scream, actually I never heard rabbits make any noise at all and I had two myself for a decade, but this helpless cry of a rabbit will stay in my memory forever. The truth is known for being painful my dear friends but it is not as painful for us as it is for the affected rabbits. And to shock someone is the best way of educating him or her about the truth.

Here is the truth my dear friends, watch this short video clip. And bear in mind that avoidance is a sign of fear – the fear of confrontation!

The scream of a rabbit by PETA

What can be done against the cruel treatments of Angora rabbits? There are a few things you can do. As I once learned in my studies, “Demand controls the supply!”  Therefore, by saying ‘no’ to products that contain Angora rabbit hair or wool you can lower the demand on the market and with it the supply. You can tell your friends and family about the horrific truth and about being more cautious when buying wool products and paying attention to the labels.

Furthermore, you could sign up the petition with PETA to empower them to stop big brands of buying Angora wool from Chinese farms.

Link to PETA site

Of course just like me, you can write about it on your Facebook or Twitter account and make more people aware of the issue.

As Mother Theresa once said, “We cannot do great things but we can do small with love”. We cannot save the world but each of us can contribute to  make it a better place.

Thank you for reading my dear friends! And be good!

All my love, Ve xx

The count-down to The Game of Thrones Series Four

The Game of Thrones Series Four
by Veronique your Independent Escort Manchester


My dear friends

If you haven’t yet been swept over by the wave of excitement about The Game of Thrones, then it’s about time that you join the crowd!

It is a fantasy adventure full of beautiful women, power, sex, war, treason, good and bad, love and hope. Series four will begin on the 5th of April. You can catch up before the new start on the previous series as those have been released on DVD.

If I haven’t convinced you yet then please take a look at the links below.


All my love,

Ve xx


Trailer Season One

Trailer Season Two

Trailer Season Three

Trailer Season Four


The must have fruit on the shopping list – The blueberry

Blueberry – The healthiest of all fruits

Dear friends

The era of the media has manipulated our minds with the obsession to look better, younger and fitter and we are more conscious than ever about our well being. We torture ourselves at the gym, we chew on carrot sticks instead of steaks and yes we run to the beauty surgeons, whenever the gym sessions fail our bodies.

I remember first moving to UK and desperately trying to find organic food at the grocers and of course failing. Now, nearly a decade later you will be surprised by the offer of healthy and organically grown food.

The list of healthy foods is huge, however, I would like to highlight one super-food that everyone should have on the shopping list – the blueberry. And those of you who know me well, that is not a suggestion, that’s an order my dear friends! ;o)

Blueberry is not only full of goodies such as vitamins and minerals, it also has a high amount of antioxidants. In fact it has the largest amount of antioxidants from all fruits, vegetables and seasoning. Now you are probably asking why those antioxidants are so important? They strengthen our body’s defences against free radicals that can cause cancer, plus they can protect us form heart diseases or age-related degenerative diseases or even infections. Of course their vitamin C level can strengthen our immune system.

One of the main points why I love them so much, apart from their delicious taste of course, is because of their fat burning abilities. Studies have proved that they can improve blood fat balances and lower the cholesterol level. At the same time they can prevent an eventual clogging of the blood vessels. The components of a blueberry are known for helping the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Some scientists believe that a handful of wonder-berries each day will prevent you from putting weight on. Other researchers even go so far to believe that if you give your child a rich amount of blueberries on a regular basis, it will prevent it from becoming overweight in its later life.

Furthermore, studies have shown that a rich consumption of blueberries can support healthy blood pressure or even improve blood pressure. Additional study tests have shown that the cognitive function including memory can be improved or the onset of other cognitive problems that are associated with ageing can be postponed or slowed down.

And it doesn’t end here my dear friends. The list goes on! Blueberries have a favourable impact on blood sugar regulation in people wo are already diagnosed with blood sugar problems.

Currently, scientists work on the theory that blueberries are likely to protect the human eye from damage by sunlight and oxidative stress.

Even damage to muscles following overly taxing exercise can be reduced through regular and rich consumption of blueberries. So if you are training for a marathon my dear friends, you may have a handful of the wonder-berries each day.

There is also evidence that protection of the nervous system from oxidative stress can be supported by regular consumption of blueberries.

Having grown up on a farm and having eaten purely organic produce for half of my life makes me a great believer that good food doesn’t require chemicals. Whenever I have the choice between organic products and conventionally grown or produced equivalents, I would always go for the organic option. There are things in life where you can choose a cheaper option such as your energy provider and there are others where quality counts prior to price such as good food and of course not to forget: Me! ;o)

Scientists have proved that organically grown blueberries have a significantly higher concentration of total antioxidants than their cheaper equivalents. Plus, organic blueberries have not been sprayed on with chemical pesticides, which could make us ill instead of healthy.

The blueberry season begins in UK early summer and ends late September. A good supplier to remember is Abel and Cole which supplies the majority of home grown organic blueberries and also delivers its products right to your doorstep. Why not freezing a few pounds for the winter season? As studies have shown that we can freeze blueberries without damaging their delicate antioxidants.

However, please be cautious, if you suffer any existing and untreated kidney or gall bladder problems then you should stay away from the wonder-berry until you are fully cured.

Why not try the delicious blueberries with some whipped cream from my nipples or belly hole. Nothing is impossible! ;o)

So my dear friends, lets get messy and naughty but fit and healthy at the same time! ;o)

Look forward to seeing you very soon!

All my love,

Ve xx




The secrets about Mary Magdalene – Knights Templar Gnostic Secrets

Who was Mary Madgalene

by Veronique an Independent Escort in London and Manchester


My dear friends

Mary Magdalene was one the most mysterious women in our history. Many stories have been written about her. Some believed she was a prostitute, an apostle, Jesus’ lover or even the mother of his child. To some, the secrets of Mary Magdalene are resting with her forever, to others they are yet to be uncovered. And there is the question, was she a real person or just a myth? Who was Jesus? Was he just an invented tool by the church? We may never find out but yet those questions are burning like fire and requiring answers.

Following is a video link to The Secrets about Mary Magdalene. If  you are interested in history, religion or even mystery then you would love watching it!

Ps. Make a cup of tea if you watch it as it will take some time…



All my love,

Ve xx

The horrific truth about ‘Faux Fur’…

Behind the scenes of Faux Fur production

by Veronique MsCourtesan your Indpendent Escort in London and Manchester


Today I went shopping, looking for a stylish winter hat. Not having found anything I liked, I stumbled across a Russian style fur hat. It caught my attention because it looked very pretty and because it said in bold letters ‘Faux fur’. I picked it up and my first thought was, ‘wow that is soft’. It felt so soft like cat fur. I had a closer look at the hat and at the label, which again stated that it was made of synthetics and other artificial materials. But I could not get this soft feeling out of my head. So I dropped the hat and went back home. At home I typed in Google ‘what is faux fur made of’? And the results were shocking….

What is often sold as ‘faux fur’ is in majority of cases cat or dog fur, freshly imported from China. Biggest problem is that there is no law when it comes to labelling, and Chinese producers will put any description on the label that is requested by the retailer. As consumers we are missold products on a day-to-day basis and this is supported by the English law. Disgusting if you ask me! English have banned the fur production from the UK markets in 2000 but it seems to be alright to import it. And what it worse than just importing fur, is to import products that are sold as faux fur when in real life these are cats and dogs. Same thing about Foie Gras or egg production from caged hens. It is against the law to stuff ducks with food for the Foie Gras production but it is perfectly legal to import and sell it in the UK. It is forbidden to produce eggs from hens that are kept in cages. Well it is not illegal in Poland and of course it is not illegal to import those eggs, ready boiled and sold to all major UK fast food retailers. So next time you enjoy your salad at Mc Donalds and it contains a boiled egg, think where it may have come from.

The problem that I mentioned is only a tiny little drop on a hot stone. It’s actual dimensions are incalculable. Every day thousands of cats and dogs are killed in China in the most cruel way you could possible imagine. If you have a pet at home, take a deep breath and look into the innocent eyes of your pet. Can you see any emotion reflecting back at you? Of course you do because cats and dogs have feelings, they can be happy, they can be scared and they can be hurt.

Following videos should not be watched on a full stomach as they may make you feel sick. But you have to watch them to realise what is actually going on in our world. And next time you buy a ‘faux fur’ hat, or a teddy for a child, or a  jacket with a fur collar you better think twice what it is actually made of.

To save time and money (because we want everything as cheap as possible and preferably for free) cats and dog puppies are often stuck in sacks and boiled alive. Others are simply held by their necks with metal tongs and are dipped into the hot water, alive of course… That way the fur comes off easily… Some of those animals still have collars, indicating that they are someone’s lost and beloved pets.

In other instances they are hung by their necks with a metal wire and are skinned alive… Some of the skinned animals are still alive for several minutes after the skinning procedure… :O(((




Publicity and the power of the crowd is the biggest power that we have. We are not ministers or chancellors we are just normal people but we have the power to bring whole governments down and to make the world a better place. The more people are aware of what is going on and the more pressure the media will expose on the governments, the more will be done. So please don’t look away cause awareness is the first step to improvement.

Thank you for reading and be good my dear friends!

With all my love,

your faithful courtesan

Ve xx

No Child should be homeless in the UK

My dearest friends

We often believe that we are well off in UK and that it is only those poor souls in Syria or in African countries who have to suffer. But we are wrong!

There are thousands of children in UK who don’t have a home. It is indeed an absolute disgrace and makes me very very sad.

Please be so kind and generous and donate to the Shelter and help those poor kids and their families to find home! Ten quid may be nothing to you but to someone else it could make a life difference!

Here is the link to the official Shelter website


Thank you for being kind!


always yours,

Veronique x

My images and video

I have been repeatedly asked who took my images and my video.

The penthouse images were taken by Stuart Downes http://stuartdownesphotography.com/

Stuart is a very ambitious and focused young man. A perfectionist in every aspect! My images are a reflection of the quality of his work as you can see!

Other images were taken by Matt Christie http://www.mattchristie.com/ Matt was an absolute delight to work with! He is very patient and calm and you will feel beautiful just like Heidi Klum when around him!

If you ask me who I preferred to work with then I cannot answer that question because I respect and value both artists. But I will certainly return to work with both of them!

Ps. Please mention my name when you get in touch with either Stuart or Matt!

If you like my video then you may wish to know who is hiding behind the scene. Check out http://oxoproductions.co.uk/ 

Be it a video production for leisure or business purposes, a family event or an erotic production. Whatever the occasion, Oxo will make it happen! He is not just absolutely devoted to his work, he is also a fun and a great person to work with!

Veronique x