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Blurred lines – The new battles of the sexes

Dear friends

I have come across this interesting documentary about the battle of sexes and how media and language are used to promote the way we think about the female gender

Are women seen as sexual objects, where things can be done to, be it with consent or without, against payment or without payment? And has media pushed men to use new and angry ways of sexism?

In my opinion, media is purely the channel for promoting our emotions but language and graphics are the factors that actually create those emotions.

The language grows and expands every day but not necessarily into a positive. When in the past, in the old days in Venice, the girls who sold sex for money were called courtesans, who were admired by the most rich and powerful men, now the same girls are called hookers, whores, prostitutes and slappers and are often approached by the lowest part of our society. So the question is, has the attitude towards workings girls in form of language changed or have the girls changed all together with the language.

If you look online now, you see all those girls who advertise themselves in a degrading way and offer sexual services such as bareback, rimming, deep throat, gagging, facials and more. I am just asking myself, do those girls do it because of the demand or because they actually enjoy it. Certainly if a man wants a woman to lick his arsehole then it is either a sign of huge disrespect towards that woman, an excessive overuse of pornography or the lack of education. Ejaculating over a woman’s face – really? When you read and see all of that you ask yourself where the genuine gentleman is gone who loves and adores women, who values the company of a beautiful woman and who he can passionately make love to.

The common misconception of sex starts at a very young age with education. By watching porn young people are trying to educate themselves on how to perform in the bedroom. Unfortunately porn is made by men for men and it is not designed to please the female desire but purely the desire of men. The man in such case is the dominant who treats a female like a sex object that things can be done to. “Roughly gagging hot young slut” are phrases that are common to see in the porn scene. This makes me sad because I am a great believer of genuine and passionate old school love making. A man who pays for sex, in my opinion, should treat that woman in the bedroom as if she was his girl-friend, with respect and care. I am always surprised by the amount of men who want to do anal sex. Has actually anyone from those men tried to stick anything up their own bottom or not even that far, has anyone from those men ever been to a colonoscopy or prostate check up? Well if yes, and if it was uncomfortable, then multiply it by ten and you will know how it must feel for a woman to receive anal sex.

An additional media that expresses violence and harassment against women are computer games, which are popular amongst the young people. One of the best sold and most popular computer games of our times is the Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately it expresses extremest violence and hate against woman and in particular sex workers. Is this really what turns men on, buying prostitutes and after receiving your sexual service hurting them or even killing them? So how can such a hugely popular game have a dismissive representation of women? For some this is just fun and a game but most people don’t realise that this is the cruel reality for lost of street prostitutes. They are physically and verbally abused by punters and sometimes those even try to kill them, simply to get their money back.

Has this hateful attitude towards women always been there or was it rather pushed by the media and the new ways of language and the female exposure?

I am a great believe that manners cost nothing and that if a man would treat a whore like a lady she will treat the man like a king in return. I do not like to see myself as a second class woman because I sell sex. No exactly the opposite! I am highly educated, sophisticated, well spoken and that not only in English, I am beautiful and I can seduce a man or woman without even taking my clothes off. I do not hide my face like many others because I stand up tall for what I do. I provide pleasure and happiness and yes I make many men smile who long forgot how it feels like to be happy. It upsets me that hate language such a hooker, prostitute or whore is uses against women like me. For the future I wish a better education and in particular sexual education for our children, so that they don’t forget how important it is to love and respect the other sex, disregards if you are paying for it or not.

If you have a little bit of spare time then watch this fascinating documentary by BBC about the battle of sexes and when sexism crosses the fine line and turns into misogyny.

“Blurred lines the new battle of sexes by BBC”

Enjoy and be good my dear friends!
Discreetly yours,

Ve xx

"A hundred orgasms a day" – A BBC documentary by your Independent London Escort

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome – Sounds like fun, well its not….

My dear friends

I have come across this very unique documentary. It is telling the stories of a few very extraordinary women with a rather rare disease.

To most people an orgasm is the most pleasurable experience in their life. The arousal that leads to the orgasm can be intense, magnificent and absolutely overwhelming, especially when you climax. But what if you are aroused non-stop?

Watch the stories of those very few women who suffer the never ending arousal and find out how it affects their lifes.

Here is the link to the movie clip.

Enjoy, have lots of sex (with me of course) and even more orgasms! ;o)

Discreetly yours,

Ve xx

The Russian Mafia – A documentary by the History Channel

My dear friends

I have come across a documentary online, which is about the Russian mafia. It reveals some interisting facts about the history of Russian criminality. However, I must add that the documentary was produced by an American team and on several occasions you will notice an ‘undertone’ that points out the international relations between those two countries. But absolutely worth watching!

To watch the video just click on the link below:

Russian Mafia – A documetary

Enjoy my dear friends and be good!


Veronique x

And when the rabbits cry…

The terrific truth about the Angora rabbit farms in China
by Veronique MsCourtesan – your Independent High Class Courtesan


My dear friends

An ice cold shower ran down my spine when I watched this short video published by PETA. It showed how the Angora rabbit hair is harvested on Chinese farms. I never heard rabbits scream, actually I never heard rabbits make any noise at all and I had two myself for a decade, but this helpless cry of a rabbit will stay in my memory forever. The truth is known for being painful my dear friends but it is not as painful for us as it is for the affected rabbits. And to shock someone is the best way of educating him or her about the truth.

Here is the truth my dear friends, watch this short video clip. And bear in mind that avoidance is a sign of fear – the fear of confrontation!

The scream of a rabbit by PETA

What can be done against the cruel treatments of Angora rabbits? There are a few things you can do. As I once learned in my studies, “Demand controls the supply!”  Therefore, by saying ‘no’ to products that contain Angora rabbit hair or wool you can lower the demand on the market and with it the supply. You can tell your friends and family about the horrific truth and about being more cautious when buying wool products and paying attention to the labels.

Furthermore, you could sign up the petition with PETA to empower them to stop big brands of buying Angora wool from Chinese farms.

Link to PETA site

Of course just like me, you can write about it on your Facebook or Twitter account and make more people aware of the issue.

As Mother Theresa once said, “We cannot do great things but we can do small with love”. We cannot save the world but each of us can contribute to  make it a better place.

Thank you for reading my dear friends! And be good!

All my love, Ve xx